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  • Drill has an irrigation hole to prevent bone heating and bone loss
  • Full surgical guide kit designed for the Dentis SQ Implant system
  • The optional metal sleeve helps prevent damaging the surgical guide while drilling

Safety(안정성) 이미지


  • The side-cutting edge prevents sliding during initial drilling
  • Multiple locking points on the SQ drill helps precision

Accuracy(정확성) 이미지


  • The step drill reduces surgery time by eliminating multiple drilling sequences
  • The Tissue Punch, Flattener and Profiler Drill make your guided surgery experience easier

Convenience(편의성) 이미지

SQ GUIDE system

The SQ GUIDE is optimized for the SQ Implant System.

  • Full Guide System

    • Pre-planned surgical guide enables accurate placement of the implant
    • Accurate placement of the implant allows for same day restoration

    Full Solution Guide system 이미지

  • Designed specifically for digital dentistry

    • SLA surface gives 200% more surface area, improving osseointegration
    • SQ Fixture Size
      • Diameter : Φ 3.5, Φ 4.0, Φ4.5, Φ5.0
      • Length : 7.0㎜, 8.0㎜, 10.0㎜, 12.0㎜, 14.0㎜

    SQ Implant 전용 이미지

  • SQ Guide Sleeve

    • Titanium surgical guide sleeve
    • Specifications
      • Offset : 9.0㎜
      • Inner Diameter : Φ 5.35
      • Length : 3.5㎜, 4.5㎜

    SQ Guide Sleeve 이미지

  • SQ GUIDE Software

    • Dentiq is the software designed by Dentis to work seamlessly
    • SQ GUIDE can be designed using Dentiq or Implant Studio
    • Digital library of implants enables you to design the surgical guide the same day

    SQ GUIDE Software 이미지

  • SQ GUIDE Irrigation Drill

    • Design to prevent bone heating

    SQ GUIDE Irrigation Drill 이미지